Herd for macOS


Version 1.2.1 2023-09-25

  • Removed the height of the menubar icon
  • Fixed a bug when trying to access a secured Herd site, from within another secured site

Version 1.2.0 2023-08-21

  • The Sites UI can now be opened via a global shortcut
  • We added a Laravel project creation wizard in the Sites UI
  • You can now configure a global shortcut to open "php artisan tinker" or Tinkerwell in the last visited site path
  • The Sites UI now also has a button/icon to manually open tinker/Tinkerwell in a given path
  • You can now configure a global shortcut to open the last visited site in the Terminal
  • Configure the default Terminal that Herd should open (Terminal, iTerm2 or Warp)
  • Herd now supports custom Valet drivers properly
  • We fixed a bug where the "Herd" folder would get recreated on every application start, even if it wasn't used.
  • We fixed a security related issue in Herd. You will need to provide your password after the update is installed to apply the new settings automatically.

Version 1.1.2 2023-08-04

  • The Laravel installer is now updated to version 5 and uses Laravel Prompts

Version 1.1.1 2023-07-28

  • Fixed an issue where copied custom Valet drivers would not load properly

Version 1.1.0 2023-07-28

New Features

  • Herd now downloads the latest PHP 8.2 binaries during onboarding
  • Each PHP version has its own php.ini file and folder
  • The site list can be refreshed from the UI
  • Sites can be opened in the default browser from the UI
  • Custom Laravel Valet drivers now get migrated during onboarding


  • Fixed site list not showing up in some scenarios
  • Fixed a bug when securing / unsecuring sites from the UI
  • Fixed an issue where nginx on Intel Macs still required a Homebrew dependency

Version 1.0.8 2023-07-17

  • Updated the built-in Laravel Installer

Version 1.0.7 2023-07-17

  • Updated the built-in Laravel installer

Version 1.0.6 2023-07-12

  • Improved styling of 404 page
  • Fixed start / stop / restart commands
  • Fixed use command
  • Updated PHP 8.2 binaries for Intel chips
  • Ensures that Herd is located inside the Applications folder to prevent "File not found" error

Version 1.0.4 2023-06-29

Initial release